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The Boutique Mystique

Southern Draw co-founder Robert Holt takes issue with being labelled boutique ... he told a podcast host, ''I'm not going to use the term 'boutique' if you will...because I think if you go back to the origin of the word-sometimes represents a niche market, a very specific target market or product,

or an ability to justify high prices, right? And we're neither; we feel like we have a good spectrum of our core blends, our value lines in the Quickdraw, in our charity lines 300 Hands, and our IGNITE program, so we feel like we're not defined as boutique. Probably not a place that we want to be pigeonholed into. We're in this for the long run of creating the best handmade premium cigars possible for the fairest price." To read the full article, please click here ⇢



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