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Teaming up with premium cigar retailers and sponsors to help selected charities, Southern Draw Cigars is proud to announce its new charitable strategy as we endeavor to IGNITE some good.

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Our Vision

IGNITE, is a creative way for Southern Draw Cigars to dedicate NEW commercial release cigars to provide hope, morale and charity to those in need.  Southern Draw Cigars with its partners will join together by voluntarily assisting in all lawful ways, to support mutually agreed upon charities and causes.  

We aim to focus on serving those in need. Our primary focuses will include several facets of the community. Starting with active-duty, deployed, military veterans and their families who give up so much for our country. Premium cigar rights and cigar retail associations who give Southern Draw the avenue to build our business, and in turn allow us to give back. And to our community's needy, homeless and hungry, many of whom are US military veterans. 

Our Values

To achieve our vision, we count on our four pillars of values. 

Ambition – IGNITE partners and sponsors will be demanding of ourselves, providing our first and best cigar offerings and are each committed to increasing annual contributions for every cause we agree to support.

Collaboration – INGITE partners value one another, thrive on our united resources, and will work to leverage our combined strength in making a difference, without placing the financial burden on any single party regardless of their own resources.

Creativity – IGNITE is a new idea, a new approach in overcoming federal, state and local restrictions that have proven somewhat prohibitive for the premium cigar industry, to take a disciplined approach to develop sustainable options to best support our causes.

Accountability – IGNITE partners take responsibility for using our combined resources effectively and efficiently, achieving quantifiable and sustainable results and being accountable to one another, and most of all, to the causes we support.

What is IGNITE

Current Partners and Sponsors.

Southern Draw Cigars is HONORED to announce three additions to its Fall Release 2022 schedule with the fourth and fifth installments of the IGNITE some good charitable campaign as it joins forces with Warriors on the Fly and the United States Border Patrol Fallen Officers Scholarship Fund to share their respective missions via the release of these entirely new cigars, available in a specially designed IGNITE DRAWpak samplers.  

Warriors on the Fly, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization serving combat veterans of the special forces community diagnosed with mental health conditions by participating in the sport of fly fishing to compliment their journey towards rehabilitation.  With Carlos De Jesus out of the country, Rob Watson shared his thoughts on behalf of the organization, “Our Mission aligns with SDC’s vision of their Ignite program, and that is to give back to our Veteran Community. This will directly impact members of the Special Operations Community by allowing them a chance to heal on the river.”

United States Border Patrol Fallen Officers Scholarship Fund (USBPFOF) is a small scholarship fund whose mission statement is to provide scholarships to the children of Border Patrol Agents who have died in the line of duty. “One of the last things on the families’ minds are the financial needs of the children when they get ready to continue their education after they complete high school. Therefore, we have created the USBPFOF, to provide financial assistance to those children who want to continue their education. Since our inception in 2003 we have provided numerous students with the opportunity to continue to college or vocational training. The proceeds that are received for our scholarship are earmarked for the continued education of those children who have lost a parent or caregiver in the line of duty,” shared Kyle Krall, Supervisory Border Patrol Agent (Retired) and Founder U.S. Border Patrol Fallen Officers Scholarship Fund.  It is important to note that Kyle is a Member of the Southern Draw Cigars family and will also manage and grow the NEW SDC SWAG Store. 

Each cigar is handmade in collaboration with AJ Fernandez Cigar Co., Estelí, Nicaragua using only patiently aged and naturally fermented tobaccos.

“Both of these organizations struck a chord within the SDC family, we have witnessed the incredible healing power of fly fishing and the restoring properties of earths amazing waters.   We also see now, more than ever before, the tireless efforts and daily demands of our U.S. Border Patrol, which unfortunately results in loss of life for some agents, leaving a void in their homes and communities.  We wish to bring attention to the respective missions and provide humble financial support by teaming up with our family, retail partners, customers, and media to continue the IGNITE charitable campaign,” Robert Holt, Managing Partner, SDC. 

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