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Cigar Review: Southern Draw Rose of Sharon Desert Rose (Belicoso Fino)

If you followed our 2019 IPCPRcoverage Trade Show , once of the most active of the smaller cigar companies in terms of delivering new product was Southern Draw Cigars. In the five years Southern Draw has been in business, it has built a solid portfolio of cigars. The 2019 cigar releases by Southern Draw followed a unique strategy that I had not seen before. In many of the previous years, the company would introduce new lines and new brands, but 2019 saw the company take a unique approach. Instead of introducing a new brand, it made some key blend and vitola extensions to its highly successful brands. One of the extensions would be to one of its most popular lines,Rose of Sharon. The extension was called Rose of Sharon Desert Rose and it’s the cigar we are taking a look at today. To read the full article, click here!



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