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Cigar Review: Southern Draw Cigars Manzanita – Rated 95

Kicking off 2021, Southern Draw Cigars announced a cigar that has been years in the making – the MANZANITA. The process of creating this blend started way back in the early days of Southern Draw Cigars when Robert and Sharon Holt were meeting with AJ Fernandez and his team at Tabacalera AJ Fernandez.

As the Holts were inspecting bales of tobacco, they came across some rich Habano hybrid that took Robert back to his youth when his family traveled the western United States on camping trips. It was on these trips that he discovered the manzanita tree. He told AJ that the Habano hybrid leaf had a color that resembled the shimmering bark of that tree. They tagged the bales for Southern Draw and held onto them and now that leaf has been transformed into the Southern Draw Cigars Manzanita. To read the full review please click here ⇢



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