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Cigar Coop Review: Southern Draw IGNITE Corojo No. 4 Rothschild

In 2018, Southern Draw Cigars would launch a collaborative charity project under a brand known as IGNITE. The 2018 releases would feature a series of unique line extensions to Southern Draw’s core lines: Jacobs Ladder, Rose of Sharon, Kudzu, and Firethorn. These cigars would see Southern Draw Cigars donate a portion of the sales to Cigars for Warriors. In 2019, Southern Draw would announce its 2019 IGNITE releases. A portion of the revenue from these cigars would be donated to the Navy Seal Foundation. While the 2018 IGNITE releases would be line extensions involving key retail partners, the 2019 releases would focus on new blends and have a much wider distribution to retailers. Today we take a look at one of those new blends, the IGNITE Corojo No. 4 cigar. Read the full review here



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