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300 Hands Blind Cigar Review


Southern Draw Cigars showed off 300 Hands and 300 Manos at the 2018 IPCPR trade show in Las Vegas. These cigars are meant to be an affordable cigar the gives back to the people that make them.

Sharon Holt says, “We want to share this story with the masses and have priced this cigar line in an unbeatable range of $5.99 – $6.49 while expanding our charitable giving strategy to Nicaragua. We will distribute 25% of our profits to those Nicaraguans that offered us their honest stories and identified specific needs in and around their own communities,” per Sharon Holt of Southern Draw.

“We hereby ask our valued retail and media partners to join us as we endeavor to share the stories of 300 Nicaraguan brothers and sisters, using their words, their emotions and their heartfelt pleas to help their neighbors. We have high hopes for a better Nicaragua as they fight to overcome decades old struggles that have just recently escalated into what has been deemed a newsworthy crisis. They are 300 HANDS and this is their story.” stated Robert Holt of Southern Draw.



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