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Peccadilloes - “Small Sins” - a crowdsourcing project.

Over the last 10 - 20 years, for one reason or another, many of our favorite thin or “small” ring gauge cigars have vanished from the market.  We enjoy the larger cigars, however, we have taken a step back in time, honoring tradition and applauding the highly skilled hands required to produce some classic sizes.  This opportunity is for those that don’t always demand larger and more powerful. We are returning a focus to the quality of the smoking experience over cost or image.  Southern Draw Cigars has kept a secret for years.  That secret being the existence of several select blends, skillfully rolled to be enjoyed in small ring gauges, its purest form.  Withholding the existence of these for so long, we have adopted a project name using the Spanish term Peccadilloes, translated in English to "Small Sins".

Wonderful and unique as it appears, we have chosen to utilize the modern crowdsourcing concept and turn to 10,000 of our valued family including customers, shop owners, media members. These four blends are your opportunity to enjoy and to share with Southern Draw Cigars your valuable insight and opinions, review, rate and provide your unfiltered feedback via a simple survey.  A Quick Response (QR) code provided on each package will allow you to do just that.  In the process, you, the loyal audience that has offered to sample and test our blends for many years, will decide on a NEW blend, size, and format of the next favorite to be released by the Southern Draw Cigars family.  When the smoke dissipates, we will randomly select from all who have participated and completed the survey, added an email address will be entered to win over $25,000 in prize to include BOX #1, an all expenses paid trip and active participation in the launch event. As part of the Southern Draw Cigars family, you will have the gratitude of all the humble hard-working hands that have labored to take a step back in time to the world of “small” ring gauge cigars.  

Thank you in advance for your participation. 

Robert & Sharon and Ethan Jacob Holt

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